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Principal expertise, advocating for your child's academic success.


Expert Guidance

Trinitas Advocates are your trusted partner serving the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, providing remote, and in-person, expert guidance to families with students requiring special education services in school.


Guiding and Empowering You

We strive to ensure that your child receives the specific supports they need to thrive academically. As a committed partner to your child’s success, our on-demand, remote advocacy and coaching services are there when you need it, with service packages you can afford.

Why Trinitas Advocates?

Decades of classroom and administration experience have given Trinitas Advocates the depth and breadth of expertise on both sides of the “Team” table. Whether it is your families first time, or you have been struggling for years to secure necessary accommodations/modifications for your child; Trinitas Advocates have dealt with hundreds of families, students, and meetings with the sole purpose of getting the student everything they need to be successful in their educational journey.


Our Belief

Trinitas Advocates LLC believes there are three essential partners required for the proper formation of a child’s education

school (1)

The school

student (1)

The student

family-group-of-three (1)

The family

My Experience with the leadership of Trinitas Advocates

Through his experience and leadership, Brian Delaney has assisted my family over the last five years in ways we simply could not have done without him. We have a child with juvenile diabetes. This condition creates a number of challenges in a child’s life to say the least. Brian helped us understand her rights in the school and necessary accommodations available for her.  He assisted with the creation and most importantly, enforcement, of her 504 Plan; something we knew nothing about, but had to quickly learn. He was also paramount in assisting with subsequent bullying issues that our daughter was unfortunately subject across too many years. Brian empowered my wife and I to get the appropriate attention and resources from the administration (at the Superintendent level) to protect our daughter, who now LOVES going to school and continues to excel at the top of her class. 

M. A. C.- Parent

We have two children who require Individual Education Plans through their public school. During the 2020-2021 school year, with the help of Brian’s advice and guidance, we were able to have our sons attend in-person learning 5 days a week when other students were made to be remote. He kept us abreast of changes in entitlements for students on IEP’s during the pandemic and helped us secure the least restrictive learning environment for our sons and get them into a classroom with their teachers, where they belong. Thank you Trinitas Advocates.

J.C.- Parent

I am a special education teacher who specializes in working with students that have developmental, emotional and behavioral disabilities. It’s been a pleasure to work with Brian Delaney for a number of years. He has earned the reputation of truly caring for the students and families he works with, while tirelessly making sure that the school provides all necessary resources that each unique child needs.

E. M. A.- Special Education Teacher

Over the years, I have seen a dramatic spike in the need for emotional and behavioral services for teenagers; for both girls and boys equally. More and more often, school guidance counselors are required to identify and help students in need, and too often in a state of crisis. When I worked with Brian Delaney, I was always impressed with the way he connected with the students, particularly when they were at their lowest. I was also impressed at his ability to communicate with parents about issues they may not have been aware existed or didn’t know what actions to take to help their child. Time after time, I witnessed Brian bridge the gap between what the child needed, how to help the parents understand what to do next and appropriately inform teachers to assist the child during that time of difficult.

K.M.- School Counselor