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The Power Of Three

Trinitas Advocates believes that three essential partners are required for the proper formation of a child’s education; the student, the family, and the school.

When there is a disconnection with any of these relationships, the student is negatively impacted. With 22 years of education experience in both classroom teaching and administrative roles, Trinitas Advocates knows all students learn differently. Children with physical, neurological, emotional, or behavioral disabilities require differentiated methods of instruction and access in a school setting, hence the need for special education, accommodations, and learning modifications where necessary.

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Whether it is assisting with creating a individual education plan with schools, understanding and “right-sizing” an existing plan, tracking adequate yearly progress or having an expert advocate on your side of the table when meeting with school personnel; we are dedicated to equipping parents with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate the complexities of the educational system.

Brian P. Delaney

Brian P. Delaney M.Ed.

Brian P. Delaney is the founder and President of Trinitas Advocates LLC. He has over...